Chase Utley Still hates the New York Mets

Philadelphia: As everyone knows that there are certain teams or players that you just don’t like and like to boooo them when they come to your city.

On Tuesday Night, former Phillies Chase Utley who is now the new Studio Analyst for SportsNet LA for Los Angeles Dodgers games & he was asked some interesting questions and Phillies fans would really love some of his responses

Chase Utley would have some big games against the Mets and some of those games & moments will always be special for Phillies & Dodgers fans

Chase Utley played 194 games against the Mets which included 197 hits, 39 home runs with 116 RBI

Walk Off to sweep Mets in 2007

When with the Dodgers, he would still make things difficult for the Mets

Utley would have his own section at Citi Field where he burned the Mets with some big home runs

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