Andrew McCutchen Injury vs Padres

San Diego CA: After getting swept by the Dodgers over the Weekend, the Philadelphia Phillies will try to end this losing streak as they opened a 3 game series against the San Diego Padres from Petco Park in San Diego on Monday Night.

Phillies fans would get a major scare in the first inning from Andrew McCutchen

Jean Segura would pop the ball up and the Padres failed to catch it and Andrew McCutchen would get caught in a rundown and he would go down grabbing his left knee and it did not look good, he had to be helped off the field and did not return.

Play how Andrew McCutchen got hurt:

NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Fox Sports San Diego:

Phillies would lose the game 8-2.

Following the game, Phillies Manager Gabe Kapler would Provide an update on Andrew McCutchen:

Andrew McCutchen would talk more on how he got injured:

how was Andrew McCutchen when he left the locker room:

Andrew McCutchen would also ask the fans to pray for him:

Stay tuned for additional updates on the injury to Andrew McCutchen

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