A Fight almost Breaks out in Sixers vs Celtics

Philadelphia: As everyone knows when the rivalry games things do get very nasty and physical and that is what we had at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia as the Philadelphia 76ers took on the Boston Celtics.

In the third quarter, things would get loose as Celtics Marcus Smart would get blocked by Joel Embiid and then Smart would shove Embiid and then all hell would be unleashed, arena security, both teams would have to separate Embiid & Smart.

How the play happened:

76ers call on NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Celtics Broadcast on NBC Sports Boston:

ESPN Broadcast:

What was the fallout from this

The Sixers would take down the Celtics and this shows that the Sixers can beat the Celtics and let’s hope we can see this in the playoffs if these teams were to meet again.

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