Joel Embiid Thunder Slam vs Cavs

Philadelphia: After taking down the Indiana Pacers on Sunday, the Philadelphia 76ers return to game action on Tuesday night as they took on the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia.

Late in the 4th quarter with the Sixers leading 100-99, Ben Simmons would connect with Joel Embiid and he would throw up a shot and get the rebound and put home a Thunder Slam for a 102-99 lead and the dunk blew the roof off the building.

Marc Zumoff of NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Slow Motion Replay:

Tom McGinnis on 97.5 The Fanatic:
“Ben Simmons with the dribble outside right, right-hand dribble, picks it up throw it Joel, Embiid with two men around him, off-balanced leaner nobody but he dunked it, OH MAN, a powerful rebound putback”

Final Stats:
Sixers Media Stats vs Cavs 3-12-19

The Sixers will now take on Sacramento Kings on Friday night at Wells Fargo Center

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