5 Phillies named to MLB Network Top 100 Players Right Now

Philadelphia: As everyone reports to spring training to get the 2019 season going, the debates continue on to see who are the top 100 players in MLB.

MLB Network would do a show the last couple weeks to see who are the top 100 players in MLB Right Now and the question would be, how many Phillies players would make the list, The Answer is 5

Andrew McCutchen at Number 95
Jean Segura at Number 83
Rhys Hoskins at Number 59
J. T. Realmuto at Number 40
Aaron Nola at Number 24

Three of the Five players on the list the Phillies signed this offseason, McCutchen as a free agent signing,  Jean Segura & J. T. Realmuto by trade.

The Angels Mike Trout would get named number 1. The 2 biggest free agents out there in Bryce Harper & Manny Machado would make the list, Harper at 15, Machado at  14.

Here are the 100 players who made the list

The Phillies begin Spring Training Games on February 22 vs Tampa Bay

Phillies open the 2019 Regular Season on March 28 when they take on the Atlanta Braves from Citizens Bank Park

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