Penn State Coach Patrick Chambers Suspended 1 game

University Park PA: During any season players and coaches have their ups and downs but there are times they do cross the line.

On Friday night, Penn State would announce that Men’s Basketball Coach Patrick Chambers would be Suspended for Sunday’s game vs Wisconsin for shoving Myles Dread during a timeout in the loss to Michigan on Thursday night.

Here is the what got coach Chambers Suspended

Below are the following Statements from Athletic Director Sandy Barbour & Coach Patrick Chambers

Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour:

“Coach Chambers and I have spoken about what occurred during the Michigan game and he is very remorseful. His actions were unacceptable, which he recognized, and he apologized to Myles Dread last night and his family today. His actions do not reflect the values of Penn State and the expectations we set for our programs and must not occur again. Pat and I agree his actions were unacceptable and he will be suspended for Sunday night’s game vs. Wisconsin.

Coach Patrick Chambers:

“I apologized to Myles after the game and I have spoken with his family. My actions were inappropriate; that’s not what Penn State stands for or what I stand for. I told Myles I was sorry that it happened. Sandy and I have spoken and agreed there are some things I need to address. I’ve assured her this won’t happen again and understand my actions last night come with consequences.”

The Nittany Lions will look to get their first conference win on Sunday night as they host Wisconsin at 7:30 PM on Big Ten Network.

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